Fall 2017 Parade of Homes Guidebook Cover Features Local Home Buyers

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The Parade of Homes Guidebook once again presents the story of a real family’s new home adventure as its cover feature.

Two Homes Under One Roof


Matt and Kelly were cramped and needed more space. Joyce had too much room and was ready to downsize. The perfect solution? A multigenerational home that gave everyone exactly what they were looking for.

When Matt and Kelly started looking for a home to increase their space for their growing family and Matt’s mother, Joyce, started looking to downsize, they came across Lennar’s Next Gen homes in Lakeville. They knew the concept of having two homes under one roof was perfect for their family. Joyce was able to experience the one-level living she was looking for, and the neighborhood was just what Matt and Kelly wanted for their kids, Easton (7), Madden (5), Beau (3) and Kloie (1).

“We were both looking to move. It just made sense that we would move together, since we already spend so much time together,” explained Kelly.

But that doesn’t mean it was an easy decision. There was plenty of hesitation in combining their lives under one roof, but after considering the benefits and talking through all the different scenarios, the family knew it would work. Now, they’re all able to be together while having separate spaces.

“This lifestyle is such a benefit for so many people, if they could only be open to the idea,” said Joyce. “There are so many little things that happen daily that reaffirm this decision.”

The neighborhood was one of the most important considerations for the family. They chose a corner lot so the Next Gen side of the home could overlook the park. They wanted a neighborhood with plenty of activities for their kids and a location that was extremely accessible. With a pool and park across the street and tons of kids in the neighborhood, the location couldn’t be beat.

“One thing that’s great about this neighborhood is that everyone’s so involved,” said Matt. “They’re always having guys’ nights or gals’ nights and after school parties for the kids.”

Once they settled on the layout and location, the excitement of building could really begin.

“There was a lot of excitement when we would come over and see the progress, see the house become a reality,” said Joyce. “We got to see it go from a house to a home.”

During the build process they were all able to select the interior finishes as well as the exterior style of the home. They were able to decide what features they really wanted in their home and what was best for their family – from flooring to cabinets to countertops. Building new also gave them a sense of security knowing that their home is built to last.

“We love knowing that everything is new,” explained Joyce. “When you buy someone else’s home, there’s always the possibility of having to replace things soon after. Right now, we know that we’re good.”

With four children, having Joyce so close by has been invaluable for the family. They’re all able to have family dinners and movie nights, and the kids love playing with their nana’s new puppy, Amelia. Plus, Matt works in security and Kelly is a nurse, so their atypical work hours made daycare tough.

“We both work weird hours. Joyce was helping us out a lot and would end up leaving at weird hours or really late at night. It’s so nice that to have her so close now since she helps a lot with the kids,” said Kelly. “We’re definitely better as a team.”

And Joyce loves the opportunity to be so close to her family.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to be a part of your grandkids’ lives. It keeps you feeling young,” said Joyce.

When Matt’s sister comes to town or Kelly’s family stops over, they have enough space for everyone to stay in in one location. Their home is now the go-to spot for friends and family whenever a special event rolls around. And that’s just the way they like it.

“I think that, to me, this house is family,” added Matt. “It’s all about support and bringing family together.”


The 2017 Fall Parade of Homes is sponsored by The Tile Shop.