Housing First Minnesota Honors 2021 Legislators of the Year

Image for Housing First Minnesota Honors 2021 Legislators of the Year

Sen. Draheim and Rep. Quam honored as champions for homeowners

Housing First Minnesota, the state’s leading voice for housing, has recognized Sen. Rich Draheim of Madison Lake and Rep. Duane Quam of Byron as recipients of Housing First Minnesota’s Legislator of the Year Awards. The honor recognizes legislators for their efforts in promoting housing affordability and homeownership opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

“Every day we read a new headline about the struggles Minnesotans are facing with housing affordability and availability,” said David Siegel, executive director of Housing First Minnesota. “Sen. Draheim and Rep. Quam worked tirelessly during the 2021 session to support legislation that would help create homeownership opportunities for everyone in Minnesota.”

In his second term, Sen. Draheim chairs the Senate Housing Committee and introduced some of the most comprehensive housing policy legislation in decades during the 2021 session. Additionally, he serves on the Legislative Commission on Housing Affordability.

As a member of both the Local Government Division and State Government Committee, Rep. Quam diligently advocated for homeowners, leading the charge to find the balance between housing affordability and infrastructure needs. In part thanks to his efforts, impact fees that would have cost homeowners thousands of dollars did not advance.