Housing First Minnesota Political Action Committee Endorses Candidates for the Minnesota Legislature

Image for Housing First Minnesota Political Action Committee Endorses Candidates for the Minnesota Legislature

Housing First Minnesota’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is proud to announce its endorsement of candidates for election and re-election to the Minnesota legislature. These endorsements reflect each candidates’ demonstrated commitment to a vibrant housing market that ties together the communities of our state.

These candidates represent a growing array of housing champions committed to the goal of providing the opportunity of homeownership for everyone, everywhere.

“Minnesotans face many unique challenges and roadblocks along their journey to homeownership,” said David Siegel, President of Housing First Minnesota PAC. “These candidates understand that we must bring all stakeholders around the table to address the complex issues that are unnecessarily driving up the cost of housing and excluding many Minnesotans from homeownership opportunities.”

Housing First Minnesota looks forward to working with these housing champions in the 2021 legislative session and beyond.

Minnesota House of Representatives

Deb Kiel, District 1B

Matt Bliss, District 5A

Jordan Rasmusson, District 8A

Ron Kresha, District 9B

Josh Heintzeman, District 10A

Dale Lueck, District 10B

Nathan Nelson, District 11B

Jeff Backer, District 12A

Paul Anderson, District 12B

Lisa Demuth, District 13A

Tim O’Driscoll, District 13B

Tama Theis, District 14A

Dan Wolgamott, District 14B

Sondra Erickson, District 15A

Shane Mekeland, District 15B

Paul Torkelson, District 16B

Dave Baker, District 17B

Brian Pfarr, District 20A

Barb Haley, District 21A

Nels Pierson, District 26B

Greg Davids, District 28B

Joe McDonald, District 29A

Marion O’Neill, District 29B

Paul Novotny, District 30A

Eric Lucero, District 30B

Kurt Daudt, District 31B

Brian Johnson, District 32A

Anne Neu, District 32B

Jerry Hertaus, District 33A

Peggy Scott, District 35B

Zack Stephenson, District 36A

Bob Dettmer, District 39A

Joe Garofalo, District 39B

Peter Fischer, District 43A

Ryan Winkler, District 46A

Jim Nash, District 47A

Steve Elkins, District 49B

Mike Howard, District 50A

Andrew Carlson, District 50B

Keith Franke, District 54A

Tony Jurgens, District 54B

Roz Peterson, District 56B

Jon Koznick, District 58A

Pat Garofalo, District 58B

Mohamud Noor, District 60B

Minnesota Senate

Tom Bakk,  District 3

Kent Eken, District 4

David Tomassoni, District 6

Paul Gazelka, District 9

Carrie Ruud, District 10

Jason Rarick, District 11

Torrey Westrom, District 12

Jeff Howe, District 13

Jerry Relph, District 14

Gary Dahms, District 16

Nick Frentz, District 19

Rich Draheim, District 20

Mike Goggin, District 21

Bill Weber, District 22

Gene Dornink, District 27

Mary Kiffmeyer, District 30

Mark Koran, District 32

Warren Limmer, District 34

John Hoffman, District 36

Karin Housley, District 39

Melisa Franzen, District 49

Dan Hall, District 56

Greg Clausen, District 57

Kari Dziedzic, District 60