MN Green Path Remodeled Homes Featured in Fall 2012 Remodelers Showcase

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MN Green Path is an energy and green building program that was launched for new homes by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) last spring. A remodeling version of the certification program is in pilot stage, and features four “early adopter” remodeled homes on the 2012 Fall Remodelers Showcase, including the kitchen remodel #R1 by Crystal Kitchen Center shown here.

MN Green Path is designed for avid environmentalists, but it’s also designed for everyone else who wants to build and remodel a little greener or to simply save energy dollars. There have been few green remodeling certification programs available, and those few that were had very high and rigid holistic green requirements. MN Green Path looks at things a little differently.

The numbers don’t lie. When remodelers and builders explain the costs and requirements to remodel and build to very high green building standards, the vast majority of people simply say no. Nationwide, research consistently shows that most Americans will pay for improved energy efficiency, but they won’t go holistically green. And that’s why MN Green Path was conceived. It’s a program that recognizes most people want to be responsible, but their budget only goes so far. And it encourages and rewards folks for getting on the green path, even just a little.

With MN Green Path, not every home will be radically green, but every home will be radically transparent when it comes to its energy and environmental features. The centerpiece for each certified MN Green Path home and remodeled home is the Home Performance Report (HPR). This document will explain exactly what energy and green features the remodeler or builder included in construction. The end game for MN Green Path is to get more people on the path to energy and environmental conservation.