Spring 2015 Parade of Homes Shares Homebuilding Experiences from Real Families

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The Parade of Homes Guidebook includes editorial about the home building experiences of real families in the region. The cover article shares the story of Pink and Navy Stripes blogger, Lindsay Truax and her family. Three more real families share photos from their new home.

Real Family home building experience from blogger Lindsay Truax:

That’s cute, but does it come in white?

By Katy Baar

As any fashion-forward person knows, quality style starts with the basics. The same is true in housing. A strong foundation and good bones are structural staples for a home. Dress this up with quality design and careful craftsmanship for a timeless quality that wears well. Layer together custom finishes and fine details for a style that is full of personality.

In many homes today, grays and whites are the dominant palette for a fresh and fashionable space. That’s what you’ll find inside the oh-so-stylish home of Fashion blogger, Lindsay Traux, of Pink and Navy Stripes. Since 2012, Linday’s blog has been an outlet for her love of fashion, fresh outfit ideas, sale tips and must-have products. Her blog also features sweet adventures with her family – how they live, what they wear – and the process of building a new home with Pulte Homes. As you can imagine, the home she shares with husband Ryan Truax and their two daughters Dahlia and Penelope is as stylish as they come.

For the Traux family, Lindsay’s effortless style showcases why less is more. The family’s home is designed with a monochromatic, minimalist flare and neutral palette that touts a lot of white. This popular style is one of the reasons the family chose to look into new construction. “We were looking to move to Plymouth and couldn’t find anything on the existing home market that aligned with our personal style,” explained Lindsay. New construction provided the opportunity for Lindsay and Ryan to have access to the most up-to-date styles and finishes, and allowed them to customize their home to fit their family perfectly.

“I really like a clean contemporary look without losing a cozy feeling,” Lindsay stated. Of course, bright and playful accents; as well as contrasting colors, like the dark wood floors, add a layer of color to the home’s neutral base.

The designers at Pulte Homes “have embraced a more minimal approach to design” over the years as well. For designer Angela Nuessle, “clean lines mixed with layered neutrals and hints of accent colors allow for the execution of a timeless look that appeals to all design tastes.”

Families with young kids often find this popular palette to be pretty daunting. “Now that we have little ones,” explains Lindsay, “I have to shy away from white furniture so I was glad to be able to add lots of white and gray tones in the finishes of our home. Still, a frequent joke between my husband and I is, ‘That’s cute but does it come in white?’”


The 2016 Spring Parade of Homes is sponsored by The Tile Shop and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.