Spring Parade of Homes Meets Kitchen Couture

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ROSEVILLE, MINN. (February 9, 2015) — Oft-repeated and often true, the kitchen is the heart of a home comes to life in the Spring 2015 Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase. Touring any of the over 400 homes on the Parade of Homes and 49 Remodeled Homes that have had kitchen makeovers will treat visitors to a feast for the eyes. They’ll see today’s most popular kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, lighting and designs all taking center stage.

Additionally, both Guidebooks feature kitchens — from countertop care to cabinetry picks, stats to technology. Readers will find plenty of photos to catch the eye, plus top local chefs (and local foodie, DJ BT Turner and his wife Lori in the Remodelers Showcase Guidebook) share their must-have in-home kitchen tool. They’ve also shared a favorite recipe available for download.


Chef John Kraus, Patisserie46

Kitchen Trends Wrap


Parade Home #374 by NIH Homes

The 2014 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey helped inform Guidebook edit with key findings like white is the preferred kitchen cabinetry color (at 49% while light wood was second at 20%); and choices for appliances were driven by quality while lighting and cabinetry choices had more to do with style and design. The Houzz study also noted that today’s homeowners want specialty cabinetry to store cookie sheets, specialty utensils and spices.

Kitchen designer, Tracy Foslien with Lampert Lumber confirmed that white is definitely hot for the kitchen, leading the way to more painted cabinetry in other colors like navy blue, cream and even black, while gray seems to be fading. She sees plenty of mix and matching going on, from cabinetry that combines glass-doors, open shelves and traditional solid doors, to painted and wood cabinetry gracing the same kitchen. Foslien also noted that technology is making a big splash.


Parade Home #367 by Swanson Homes

Kitchen technology is also covered in the Remodelers Showcase Guidebook, with top picks from Angela Warner from Warners’ Stellian Appliances. She loves the new smart ovens, washers and dryers that let you control and monitor settings from afar via your smart phone. Perfectly cooked meat, she explains, is easier than ever too, with a wireless meat probe that turns itself to warm when done. Warner also shared a few design faves, including the new black interior refrigerator.

The Parade of Homes Style Editor, Katy Baar is all about design, sharing her favorite kitchen accessories in both Guidebooks. She has a thing for green, showing off a wall-mounted kitchen herb garden plus mint green cake stand and of course, a Kitchen Aid mixer in pistachio. Metallic pieces in gold and silver caught her eye, as did several nautical-inspired rope trimmed items that lend a casual flavor for summertime entertaining.


Some of Style Editor Katy Baar’s Kitchen Design Picks

Granite remains the top countertop choice, according to the Houzz study, but quartz isn’t that far behind. Taking care of granite, quartz or any other countertop material is an important kitchen chore, so the Guidebook even includes a care guide for a wide variety of surfaces.


The 2014 Spring Parade of Homes is sponsored by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Minnesota Homeowners Alliance.